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I guess I became an AIDS activist the day I heard the word AIDS. Literally friends were dying around me and I remember one year going to 45 funerals and I was in my early thirties. When I started white party week in Miami, and AIDS fundraiser, I was asked by the Miami Herald in an interview why I I did what I did. I said I did it because I was selfish. Of course that’s the one line that got the most attention. I further explained that my mom was in her late seventies and I was in my early forties and I had gone to more funerals in my life for my friends then she had had in her whole lifetime. So yes I was selfish.

Make no mistake this is part of the Trump Pence agenda. It’s an anti anything that’s not like them agenda. Sure they will use African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, Jews and even gays and lesbians but lettuce nuts think that they are not just using them. Using them for their own agenda and not to benefit any of those groups.

And now they fired these people, these AIDS activists, via FedEx. How cowardly can you go?

I was going to be cute and put the picture up that Seth Meyers is using of the animatronic Walt Disney World version of trump but instead I am reverting back to using only half of 45 space and all of his Puppet Masters face.

I am sad while I’m writing this because much of what had been gained is now being lost. I’m watching eight years of progressive thinking and regulations going down the drain. I worry about these terrible judicial nominees and their impact on this country for the next 40 and 50 years.

Sure, AIDS is treatable and I believe that the pharmaceutical industry is powerful enough to keep the treatments up. But if political interests make their way into those decisions we can watch literally millions of people waste away.


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This is the White Party Week logo, something I was so proud of at one point in my life.