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Impeachment, such an interesting concept. We were a Young Nation afraid of having another Royal family ruling this new country and we made Provisions in the Constitution to ensure that. Impeachment is a tool that allows the legislative branch to remove the executive branch head, the President.

I have lived through to impeachment proceedings. Richard Nixon resign before he could be impeached but was well on the way to that end. And president Bill Clinton was impeached but was exonerated. Impeachment is not the end of a presidency, it’s the trial. So now we come to the present occupant of the White House.

Tom Steyer is a billionaire who has started a campaign mostly in large Urban media Networks to build a Grassroots Army asking for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Does he have other reasons for doing this? He is on one of the lists that is continuously being pushed by the media of individuals looking to run for governor of California or perhaps a senator in California. I truly believe that he has his heart in the right place but unfortunately impeachment is a political animal. With both the House and Senate rule by the Republican party in pitching the president is not likely. But putting pressure on representatives and senators buy their own constituents will move the needle towards impeachment. We need to wait and see.


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