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How many indictments would be suitable for the devil? Two, 500, a million or countless. That’s a conundrum that is facing the special counsel. Paul manafort has been the snake in the grass throughout this 2016 through 2017 period. Paul manafort was set to be by 45 a minor player during the campaign. In fact Paul Manafort was the campaign chairman and was brought on to bring in all of those unruly states that may have challenged 45. so now we come to a place where the right-wing media, namely 🦊 and Breitbart, is attacking the special counsel Robert Meuller, as unseemingly on American or not one of us. In fact he’s a member of the Grand Ole party also known as the Republicans. He served under both Republican and Democratic administrations as the head of the FBI. So why are they attacking him so much? Me think that it’s because he’s getting close to their mother lode, 45 and his crooked Administration. Paul Manafort is nothing but a pain in this game being played by one person, and one person alone, Vladimir Putin. If that makes your skin crawl, it certainly does mine and if it doesn’t then you’re really not an American


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