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The poor First Amendment, it’s certainly not getting lavished upon like the Second Amendment. Well some of the people in the White House think the Bill of Rights should be abolished. But here’s a victory for those of us who believed in peaceful protest. The day after the inauguration I was out on the street in Los Angeles and again later that week and later that month and throughout the year. It is our civic duty to tell this Administration how we feel. They seem to believe they have the bulk of the nation behind them and yet they lost by 3 million votes in the popular count. In the last poll average this administration had a 39% approval rating, a dismal showing for any first year Administration and as a matter of fact the worst.

Now it seems that Porker, not a typo, is going to become Secretary of State, we need to make sure that he’s not put in that position. Not only did he get his Corker kickback but he also now is getting the pot sweetened with leading our Department of State which is in shambles. The UN Ambassador is not working in coordination with the state department. We are now the Pariah of almost every nation on Earth because of our stance on Jerusalem. We were supposed to be the honest broker and now we’ve taken aside. We are bullying our allies in the Middle East those are lies that give us the important anti-terrorism information that keeps our Cities Safe. It’s almost like this Administration is trying 2 upset The Hornet’s Nest. I fear for our country and I know that this year is going to be pivotal and how the future of our country remains true to our constitution.

In this week of little rejoicing, we can rejoice and the freedom that the six Brave individuals have received.


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Detained demonstrators hold a sign during a protest before President Donald Trump’s inauguration in D.C. on Jan. 20.