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I just heard on Meet the Press daily Congressman Kennedy, the same congressman who so adroitly grilled that I’m qualified judicial candidate, say that once the American people see their bump in their take-home they will like this plan. And that the media was being unfair to the plan. When asked why the text windfall for the corporations is permanent but that for the individuals was temporary he skirted the issue by saying that corporations need to be able to plan long-term. I guess we as individuals don’t need to plan long-term we just need to plan for when the GOP thinks it’s correct for us.

President Obama inherited a big mess in the economy as we all remember. 45 is claiming President Obama’s success for his own. I think there will be a day of reckoning because this tax plan is not only bad but the reason the stock market is going up is because of 45 and his the regulating corporations. It means corporations can now pollute our environment, sell us products that are unsafe and do everything that they’ve always wanted to be able to do and now their investment in the Republican agenda is paying off. I am a capitalist deep down in my bones but I also believe that capitalism needs to be regulated just like any other form of economy.

2018 will be a day of reckoning for the GOP and I hope that we as Democrats and Independence go out and vote and not become complacent because we got a few dollars in our Paychex more than we did before. Remember the tax cut for the corporations went from 35% to 21% with none of the loopholes taken out. What did we get?


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