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I am worried that he is both. Hitler was given a cocktail that included in feta means and cocaine everyday and had major paranoid schizophrenic tendencies and yet he was able to wreak havoc across the globe.

Do I think that’s Trump is a strategic genius? Yes and no. 

He understands the media and understands the art of illusion each time a bad news story pops up about him he finds a way to distract us. He’s really good at that and that’s what’s so dangerous about him and why his people are so loyal.

He has shown that he wants to be greater than just the President of the United States. HE SCARES ME TO DEATH. We keep saying that it’s only about 30% of the people that support him but that 30% could create a Civil War in this country the lights we have never seen. The 70% of the people that don’t support him are not the ones that have been storing guns and ammunition away. The 70% of us who don’t support him are pacifists and would not know how to defend ourselves. The 70% of us including the Democratic party seems to think that taking the high road is going to win this. I know I’m speaking in very broad generalizations and there are exceptions to all of these statements but he does scare me to death.

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