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Like vampires, the GOP decide to unveil their tax scam bill in the dark of night. The light of day would make this thing not just catch on fire but explode. 

Removing the individual mandate does not help the poor and we’ll add an incredible burden to all of us and here’s why. Hospitals must treat people that come in on an emergency basis. If you don’t have insurance they still have to treat you. That $695 went into a fund to help hospitals pay for those people who had no insurance. Now there is no more incentive for people not to just walk into a hospital and demand treatment. I am sure that most of those people will be Trump voters. I am all for people getting health care, that’s why I am so for the Affordable Care Act but getting it for free or on the backs of others that I don’t agree with.

Let’s move on. The corporate tax rate goes down to 21% from 35%. But they left it every loophole that allows corporations to pay near nothing in Texas. Corporations are not going to trickle this down to anyone. This is a sham and a gift to corporate donors. I wonder how much of the 700 billion dollars that Apple has in its coffers is going to go back to the people?

The inheritance tax which they have cleverly named the death tax. This only affects those who are leaving more than 5 million dollars behind for their families. Most of us wish we could leave $5000000 behind. They keep saying that this is going to help farmers, it turns out that it’s going to help one tenth of a percent of farmers.

I could go on, but it’s time that we take control of this government and tell them that we will not stand for this. I have posted this number before but please use it this week.


All you need to do is put in your zip code and it will connect you to your two senators and your representative in the house. Give them your name your zip code and how you are against this tax plan. This is the only effective way of getting through to them. Let’s Jam up there switchboards and show them who is in charge of this government.

click here for full article from The Hill

Like a robot, Marco Rubio, Falls in with the GOP and votes against the best interest of his constituents in Florida. I am so happy I moved from there.