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First I would like to preface that I am no fan of the cable companies. I’m stuck in a contract with DirecTV but the minute the contract expires on cutting the cord. At this point I wish I had not signed the contract but hindsight is 20/20

That being said, today’s vote on net neutrality has major implications on the freedom that we all enjoy on the internet. Those of us with blogs realize that we will no longer have the same priority as someone who has the wherewithal to pay for higher access. This is a terrible decision and was made by an FCC chairman who thought it a good idea to make a video about pizzagate and Hillary Clinton kidnapping young children. This is who we have running the FCC?

I am not a fan of the current Administration and their decisions have one by one shown me that they are not the friends of the American people. They Don’t Care About Us they care about corporations who are paying for their survival. This Administration is worried that they will not have the wind at their back in 2020 and will not have the funding that the Democrats will have. So hurting the cable companies seems to be against their best interest. But then again everything they do seems to be against their best interest.


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Ahead of net neutrality vote, FCC chairman stars in video with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist