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Before anybody starts jumping down my throat this is from the Alabama Media Group they are the owners of the three largest Alabama newspapers and a myriad of radio stations and magazines across Alabama. This is not some Washington K Street lobbyists coming down to swoop down and try to change people’s minds in Alabama.

Judge Roy Moore’s views are incredibly disturbing. He unabashedly thinks that all the amendments after the 10th Amendment to the Constitution should be removed. By the way those include the right to vote for women and African-Americans and abolishing slavery just to name a few that he thinks should not be around. This man has a poisoned mind and cannot be near the body that besides the laws of the land. He will poisson people by just being there. His election is an abomination and needs to be stopped. I have donated all I can to his opponent. Hell if his opponent were Republican and he were a Democrat I’d be donating a lot of money to that through Republican. But in this case his opponent is someone who has fought for the civil rights of the American people and Gravely prosecuted for individuals from the KKK that had killed civil rights activist 40 years ago. Enough is enough Alabama do the right thing on Tuesday.


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