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When interviewed Donald Trump jr. said that there was no follow-up and the meeting turned out to be a nothing Burger. I think this is a burger that’s going to become a Whopper.

I’ve noticed that when Donald Trump repeats something three times it’s because he’s lying. Remember when he said “not a puppet not a puppet not a puppet” while he was debating Hillary Clinton? Or lately when he said “no collusion no collusion no collusion”. He is a puppet and there is collusion. And now his son is smack dab in the middle of it I would say neck deep in it. I am wondering if we’re not going to see a Saturday night Massacre this weekend. I don’t think they remember history very well because when you fire a special prosecutor you don’t get exonerated you just get the FBI to follow on and follow on. He’s attacking the FBI has not sat well with the new FBI director and I cannot imagine the FBI just walking away from this case.


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