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In The Art of the Steal, 45 says that he plans on not paying back creditors while he’s making the deal with them. So when push came to shove the only bank that was willing to give him money was Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is well known for its money laundering operations and has been indicted by the US government for those specific charges.

Now it seems that even though chair Bank could not stomach dealing with 45 and sold their debt to the best debt collector on Earth, the Kremlin. If these allegations are correct then we have a completely compromised commander and chief. His actions make it hard not to believe these allegations. He has been weirdly Pro Kremlin and pro Putin from the moment he announced his candidacy. This was not a reset of relations but rather a declaration of defeat by the United States. As far as I’m concerned this is treason and firmly Falls within the high crimes and misdemeanors. It will take a democratically LED house to bring the charges.

Today’s vote was nothing but a distraction and as far as I can see a very unnecessary distraction. Yes the man deserves impeachment but we have to have a case before we bring it up to the American people. That’s why special counsel Mueller is on the job and putting together the case against 45.


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