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Whether or not he’s slurred his speech is not the point here. Watch the video from CNN and make your decision yourself. Teams of psychiatrist have said that he is suffering from some sort of neurological disorder. But until we have a Congress that has the backbone to stand up to this man nothing’s going to happen. So let’s move on.

I will preface this with the fact that my father worked for the state of Israel for over 20 years. He was devoted to the country of Israel but he was an American first. He was a Believer and so am I that the only way we’ll get to a middle east peace is if Jerusalem becomes an international City very much like Vatican City. No one country or religion should rule Jerusalem. It should be run by some sort of treaty that allows all faiths too freely worship there and have no political interests involved. I know this sounds like a pipe dream but in fact it’s the only path to peace in the Middle East.

So 45 can sign with his weird felt pens his orders which are meaningless and nothing is going to happen other than making prime minister netanyahu’s day and making sure that Americans in the Middle East are not safe. I was planning to go and visit my family in Israel but now those plans are way up in the air.


read full CNN article and watch video here