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If you watched 45 on Saturday morning getting on board Marine One, yelling out IN A VERY NON PRESIDENTIAL WAY, 

“No collusion, no collusion, no collusion”, you might get a better perspective on how this White House is trying to sell this. Collusion in of itself is not a crime. But working with a foreign government on an American election and then trying to hide it are crimes.

Let’s face it the 30% of the population that is hardcore in favor of this buffoon in the White House is not going to change their minds because they are living in a bubble. Facts don’t matter or are not relatable to them because they truly believe that what he says about fake news is true. The 70% of us that have reasoning powers and can see things without a bias must make our opinion known to our Representatives. Believe it or not, calling them is the best way to get their attention. Sending out emails through a third party doesn’t work. Sure you’ll get an automated response but it doesn’t really affect how they think. Even writing them a letter, the old school way, it’s not as effective as calling them. It’s very easy to do just dial 202-224-3121 and you will be connected to the Congressional switchboard. At this point it will ask you what your ZIP code is and they will then in turn connect you to your representative and your two senators. Make sure to tell them that you are one of their constituents and you live at the address you live at. It will take a few minutes, but our future and our government are worth it.

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