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Friends have asked me why I bought the Google home device. It’s not like I really needed one. I seem to have survived 63 years without having one. But for 50 of those years I have had computer envy, specifically Star Trek computer envy. Watching the various crew members whether they be a captain or a lowly s ensign ask the replicator or the computer to do a task always made me wish I were one of them. Even the Hologram doctor on Star Trek Voyager could ask for music to be played at his whim. Captain Picard could ask that his ready room have the lights Lord to his liking. And I had to push buttons and flick switches to do those things. Now I don’t. Since I got it during one of the Black Friday sales I only paid  $74.99 for the unit. And I’ve only had it since Monday which is a total of 4 days and now I can’t imagine not having it. I asked to play the music and it does oh, I asked it to light light in a room and it does, and it has all of the search power of Google behind it. And I know now in the back of your head so you’re all thinking oh my Lord it listens to everything he says. But that’s true for a lot of items in our homes for a long time now. So one more to be added to the pleura Thora of items that can listen to me doesn’t make me all that upset.

The article has two things incorrect. First you can change the voice from male to female and 2nd you can change activating it from OK Google to Hey Google, which I did. But in the end I would like Google to allow me to call it computer just like on Star Trek and maybe one day I’ll even get a replicator.


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My Google home device at the ready