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This is the second time in three days that I have wholeheartedly agreed with Mitch McConnell. I’m worried.

Perhaps I have been transported to an alternate universe where Mitch McConnell is saying. Perhaps Mitch McConnell has been taken over by some pod creature that is taking over everyone in Congress. This is not a bad outcome but I’m not sure they’re not playing games with us and doing the same to progressives. I am of course joking. Mitch McConnell is nothing if he’s not a political animal and very shooting one at that look who he got into the Supreme Court. This is all about what happened on Tuesday and nothing about what happened 40 years ago when that’s creepy Judge Roy Moore was fondling young young ladies who he supposedly asked their mothers for permission. Isn’t it odd that is 32 year old man who would need to ask someone who’s dating for their mother’s permission? It just seems weird that a 32 year-old man would be dating somebody who would say yes or ask mom before you take me out. I was around back then and that did not exist unless you were dating someone that was inappropriately young for your age and honestly if those mothers allow their daughters to go out with a 32 year-old man shame on the mothers. But I don’t believe him, Roy Moore is a liar. So here is where Mitch McConnell I agree. But Mitch McConnell is trying to save his Sabbath majority because they’re hoping for hope that one of the other Supreme Court Justices resigns and they can refill that seat.


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