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In the few years I’ve been writing this blog I have never posted anything that Mitch McConnell has said and praise dance. I know that he has political reasons for saying this but you have to agree that this is not a Republican or Democratic issue this is an issue about America and everyone who cares about our ability to pick our leaders.

The disappointment in Facebook’s testimony specifically was bipartisan and it’s criticism. Facebook Executives testified in Congress last week. And their testimony was very lacking in transparency and they much of what happened by veering the questions to another Direction. Shame on Facebook.

And this is where I think you’re going to maybe this agree with me but I think the only way we can vote in this his to vote with our account on Facebook. Facebook will do nothing until Facebook sees its numbers going down and then Facebook will start reacting. I think that Facebook has more blame on its shoulders then any other of the tech companies including Twitter and Google. Facebook took rubles toupee for ads from Russia Today and other Russian organizations which are linked directly to the Kremlin and Putin. I think when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union fell apart we all thought that Russia and the Soviet Union were thing of the past. Granted they are only the 29th largest economy in the world which says that California is 25 levels above it. But Russia has 9000 Warheads with multiple nuclear weapons. I know they’ve never use them and it’s a last resort but if light Amir Putin thinks his world is ending I don’t think he’ll go the way of Kadafi and Saddam Hussein.

So indeed we must cancel our accounts with Facebook. Or at least stop posting on Facebook. Because like television ratings Facebook looks at its numbers and Facebook will react and stop this.

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