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As the blame game begins on the failed GOP and their leader ImbecileTrump©, it is time for them to realize that their agenda does not conform with what America wants and only reflects perhaps a quarter of the population. By the way I have a theory that one in four people are marginally crazy. And explains why Trump is president.

Another Factor in last night’s victory is that the Russian handlers of our current president did not realize how important these elections were to the American psyche. Their Investments in 2016 was hurt badly by there not trying to influence this election. This is what happens when Russian Bots and RT propaganda does not influence an election.

And as far as Laura Ingraham is concerned what did she want at Gillespie to do ? Did she forget that Ed Gillespie was the chairman of the Republican party for years? Did she forget that Ed Gillespie rancommercials that were racist and divisive ? What did she want him to do? Invoke Hitler or perhaps just do a Heil salute to 45? 

It’s time for Democrats to start pouring money back into our coffers so that we have so much money that Republicans won’t run for reelection. And can somebody please get Donna Brazile off the air. Does she and her purple hair forget that the Democratic party made her fortune and also made her the chair of the party?


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