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 Just when you thought that this Administration and it’s shitshow could not get any worse well here it goes. Referring to the LGBTQ community as homosexuals, a term that has not been used by our government in years, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard sessions wants to put his path of religious bigotry on our country, perhaps we should start referring to his Department as the department of Injustice. Allowing the lgbtq community to be discriminated against in the workplace without any repercussions against those who do the discriminating. The rainbow tide is going to sweep these people out of office.

Does the administration not realize that everyone has a member of the lgbtq community in their close relations whether a son, brother, father, mother, sister and the list goes on and on let alone all the friends and co-workers. The backlash is going to cause them whiplash. Shame on them Shame Shame Shame.


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