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First I would like to thank my friend Kile Ozier for posting this article originally on Facebook. 

In my opinion, this will be a seminal moment for the Republican Party. It will prove that it’s truly a party that believes in our constitution and in the American way or if it’s become a cult of Trump. 

I’ve said this many times before on my blog that I remember the Watergate scandal vividly. I used to take a portable TV to my summer job to watch the hearings. I guess I was a political junkie even back then. Happy that I’m still fascinated by the subject. That being said the Republican party of 1973 and 74 is a different animal from the one I see today. Sure, there was partisanship, but the love of country came before everything else. The Republicans today are turning their back on the fact that there president won the election with the help of one of our greatest enemies, Russia and Putin. President Nixon, who later apologized for his misdeeds carried out a series of firings called the Saturday night Massacre until he found someone in the Justice Department willing to fire the special prosecutor. I believe the Russians are handing Jeff Sessions head on a platter to the president by insinuating that they had conversations with him about the elections in 2016. This would be a direct contradiction to his testimony during his confirmation hearings in front of the Senate and grounds for his removal. Jeff sessions is a terrible choice for attorney general by any measure but I cannot imagine who president number 45 would choose as his replacement. So as the article says we will need to go out in the streets but we will need to sustain our anger and not let his daily distractions take our focus off of the price of getting him out of office.


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