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I guess I’m getting old. Having lived through the excruciating Lee slow Watergate process I never thought things would get so bad and so quickly for 45. I always anticipated pardons being part of how this is all going to end. Whether it is pardons by 45 or some future president of the Republican persuasion I always thought that they will be Parton’s. Now the snake of a lawyer that Trump has, wants to use the presidential pardon powers to undercut director Mueller’s investigation of this corrupt Administration. I guess that if they parted all of the potential Witnesses then they cannot be compelled to testify and this whole Scandal goes slithering away. What is not being taken into consideration is the anger of the American people. Sure Trump can easily pardon who he wants. But let’s not be fooled into thinking that if he does there will not be a democratic-led Senate and House ready to impeach him with the full backing of the majority of the American people.

Russia cannot win this.


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One of the snakes that 45 has as his attorney