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I was a child of the Cold War. I remember having drills where we would go underneath our desks in case we were attacked buy a nuclear bomb. Even at age six I realized that these were attempts at futility. Sitting under our desks in school would not save us from the fury of a nuclear blast.

Now we have a blithering idiot in the White House. He is controlled by people who want to dismantle the US government and perhaps turning over the Russia.

I was scared during the Cold War but now I am absolutely frightened of our lack of leadership and what those really in command want to do to our great nation.

On this 4th of July let us all resolved that keeping our nation together as one just like our founding fathers wanted should be our goal. We as a nation need to fight back Russian aggression in their cyber attacks. We as a nation need to make sure that the American people believe that when they go vote their vote counts. I remember when the Iraqis first had a chance to vote how proud they were to show off their purple thumbs, the proof that they had voted in the election. We need to be that proud when we show off our “I voted sticker”.


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