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Perhaps this strange form of  Mass Hysteria called “fake news” is finally meeting it’s rightful end. Fueled by The Narcissist in the White House fake news has reached its peak. Now we will see real news become what it should be as one by one news outlets have stopped calling what 45 does has Andrews or misinformation but rather by the real word that they should use lies. He lies and his people believe him. But the number of his people are starting to dwindle because he is no longer credible. His lies about Russia and their influence upon the election are becoming more and more obvious. His lies about his ability to solve world problems are becoming more and more obvious. Gallup polls is not a left-leaning organization on the contrary.. it is in everyone’s best interest that real news Triumph.

News papers, and later broadcast media are termed the Fourth Estate, or to put it another way the fourth branch of government. The branch that speaks truth to power and unveils when corruption creeps into our government and threatens the will of the American people.


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