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I am not a statistic. I started coughing for no apparent reason in August. I have been subjected to every test you can throw at someone. They still don’t know what’s wrong with me. It has made my life a third of what it used to be. I can’t go out to take walks anymore. I can’t do the things I could do just in August of last year. And I just turned 63. So are wonderful members of Congress of the Republican persuasion believe that cutting taxes for 700 very rich families harworth making it harder for me to get my life back to where it was. Shame on them. They should be ashamed the way they shame people on Game of Thrones. Mitch McConnell at the top of the Heap. They don’t deserve the moniker of leadership because leaders worried about their constituents. Mitch McConnell claims that he’s worried about the 75,000 coal miner jobs in his state but doesn’t even consider all the retail jobs that are going down the drain. The coal industry is powerful and has lots of money because it creates a product that comes out of the ground and is burnt without any regard to the environment. Clean Coal technology, it should be called Clean Coal mythology. 

I am truly scared of what will happen to my health because of these Draconian cuts to Health Care that the Republicans want to put on our country. What do we have to do two make it clear to them that their jobs are not safe if they pass this law.

That claim is we cannot afford it. What we cannot afford is an 800 billion dollar tax cut for the rich. What we cannot afford is to let cancer patients die because they cannot get the medications they need. What we cannot afford is to let those fetuses that they care so much about died when they come to this world because they don’t get the care needed to keep them alive. And these people call themselves pro-life! 

They are in fact pro-death and the rich.

I am one of the lucky ones who got himself to California and has been able to thrive under the care of Medi-Cal. But those monies will dry up and what happens to me and all those like me? This will be a stain on our country that will rival what happened to Germany in the forties under Hitler. They are planning to weed out those who are sick and poor. And that’s what we call our government!


I hate selfies, but I took this one because every breath I take has become difficult.