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Instead of arresting her they should be declaring her a hero, a patriot or at least a whistle-blower. But 45 and his gang of cronies won’t do that. Although the article says that the papers do not say that the Russians actually changed votes it does say that they had uncanny knowledge of how voters would be counted and the numbers would end up in the final tally. Russia’s hands is all over this and it’s time for Congress to stop sitting on their asses and doing nothing about this. A full-fledged independent commission needs to be appointed. We cannot trust this justice department with people like Jeff sessions running it and whoever the FBI director is going to be will do the right thing. This is our country we’re talking about and it’s time for all of this partisan crap coming from the Republicans to end. What if this had been Hillary? Can you imagine the furor? These holier-than-thou Republicans are not Patriots they are traitors.


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