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I have only voted once early and that was in 2012 to vote for president Obama in Florida where I knew the lines would be very long on Election Day and my health was quite bad at the time. I was recovering in a nursing home from an assault. I’ve only voted once and absentee ballot and again it’s because I was out of town on the day of the election. 

I vote in person for many reasons. I love the visceral Act of going into the polling place and doing my civic duty. But then there is also the fact that we live in a world where things happen so quickly and things can change radically overnight. 

Montana voters for the most part have voted. Say, the Secretary of State reported a large number of calls in Montana asking if they could change their vote in light of the assault on the reporter. Unfortunately the answer was no.

So although I know I’m going against every single rule that says you should go and get your vote in as soon as possible I still believe that things can happen that may want you to change your vote. Look, I’m a proud liberal and I’m not very comfortable with the progressive moniker. I’m a Kennedy liberal and proud of it. So I know who I’m going to vote for and I support those people. But people are people and sometimes they’ll disappoint you. So I wait until election day to vote. That’s my point of you and I’m sure that some of you think that I am wrong. 

I have never missed a single election since I turned 18. I remember voting on a one-issue election in Miami to renew the lease of a restaurant on Key Biscayne called The Rusty Pelican. I’m that devoted to voting. So I’m not the normal person but still things change and people disappoint so I like to get every bit of information about an election prior to Casting my vote.


Screenshot from MS NBC and all in with Chris Hayes, May 25th 2017.