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Minute after minute this feels very much like avairy fast reenactment of the fall of Richard Nixon. I was in high school when Nixon was in power. I was in the University of Miami when he was removed from Power. I remember that summer watching the Watergate hearings at my part time job on my small TV which I brought to my job answering phones and was mesmerised by the Senate earrings. And now we have a president that makes President Nixon seem but 9. We have allies now that are threatening to no longer share information with us on terrorism because of his loose lips. And he is very scared of the Russia investigation. This memo by former FBI director Comey is indicative of how scared he is of any investigation of his dealings with Russia prior to becoming president. He knows that it’s the slippery slope that will lead to his downfall. I hope it comes soon because as much as I don’t relish the thought of a president Pence, it seems like a better option that what we have right now in the White House.



FBI Director James Comey at a news conference on child sex trafficking at FBI headquarters in June 2014. Mark Wilson / Getty Images