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Whatever you think about former FBI director Comey, and I don’t think much good about him, his testimony will be pivotal in unearthing the collusion that is going on in 45’s White House. His unceremonious firing yesterday went against all the rules of protocol. First sessions who is supposed to be recuse from anything to do with the Russian investigation recommended his firing. Then they used the investigation of Hillary Clinton as a cause for his dismissal. Trump while campaigning praised call me over and over again for his investigation of Hillary Clinton and the so-called email server. Now Sean Spicer says that that was just campaign rhetoric and not what the president thinks. That’s so full of BS then smells all the way here to Los Angeles. I am very pleased to see a bipartisan senate committee start unraveling this this mantling of our government. Amazingly, the only public event that 45 has today is to meet with his Russian cohorts.


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