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I think that Donald Trump and his 3500 lawsuits a year has underestimated the power of the federal courts. They don’t call it a federal case for nothing. This ruling is sweeping and encompasses all 50 states. The close to 100,000 people that have been harassed and inconvenienced by this the legal order from the regime of 45 is not going to stand the test of the judicial system. Even if you Riggs the court with his appointment the justices understand that the constitution must live longer than the four or God forbid 8 years of 45’s presidency.

On a personal note, I have been taken ill with a long infection and have not been able to post to the blog in quite a while. This blog is a joy to me and not having it as part of my daily routine was taking a toll on me. I hope I’ll be able to continue posting and thank you for coming by and engaging with me.