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It only took one hour in power for Trump to remove the lgbtq page from the White House directory website.

It was replaced with a splash page that invites you to get updates on Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump has been ambiguous and many of his policies but all ambiguity went out the window when he started appointing billionaires and people who want to destroy the department that they are being asked to run. We must form a resistance. We cannot let our guard down. This is a power-hungry men. You know Republicans kept saying that President Obama would never leave office at the end of his term. Not only the office but he left office gracefully. Donald Trump answered the White House and the presidency the most ungraceful matter. I did not watch any of the inaugural and because of my respiratory problems right now I didn’t think it wise to March through the streets of Los Angeles during one of the worst rain storms we’ve ever had. But that doesn’t mean that I did not call both my Senator and my congressman and that they vote against these nominees that are there for nothing but mischief.

As an aside today is my 3rd anniversary of running the block. It has brought me joy and a reason two wake up in the morning. I hope that over the last 3 years I gave information as objectively as I could. I rarely posted a Blog and tree that was not backed up by a major news organization. Now I must redouble my efforts because we have in the White House someone who wants to destroy our way of life.