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I guess that states rights are only valid to Republicans when they agree with their Dogma. California has been able to clear the air of pollutants like no other state in the country. California leads the way. California should be left alone to do its own thing. How dare the federal government come in and say that California must stop enforcing its clean air Laws.

Everything I said above I said in The Voice of a Republican. They have been cramming their states rights down our throats regarding abortion comma health care and the list goes on and on. Now the shoe is on the other side and they want to take away states rights. This attorney general from Oklahoma who has absolutely no business heading the EPA needs to be stopped. I have already called both my Senator and my congressman and I heard you do the same.



Oklahoma Atty. Gen. Scott Pruitt, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to run the Environmental Protection Agency, testifies Wednesday at his Senate confirmation hearing. (Michael Reynolds / EPA)