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When Hillary Clinton’s campaign said that Donald Trump was unfit to be president, they were on point.

We don’t have an official relationship with Taiwan anymore. That was the agreement we made when we open diplomatic relations with mainland China. But it turns out that Donald Trump is looking to build six hotels in Taiwan and so he breaks with 40 Years of diplomatic tradition and the fact that we owe China gobs of money and is about to start a diplomatic dispute.

First yesterday he told a lie about the jobs with the Carrier plant. Those jobs are still leaving the country. It’s just a scam that he is a master at. Calling him Don the con is very appropriate. Then he let his crowd in his victory tour, if President Obama had taken a victory tour can you imagine what the Republicans would have said, he left his crowd chant lock her up without once saying that that was not appropriate. He is going to create a rift in our country that’s going to take a very long time to repair. I’m very very sad.



On December 9th 2015 during a photoshoot for Time Magazine the Eagle attacks Donald Trump. The eagle was smarter than less than a majority of the American people that voted for him.