Early exit poll: Clinton winning ground game – POLITICO

Donald Trump treated his presidential campaign the way he treats the buildings that have his name on them. He outsourced to the ground game, in the same way you Outsource the management of those buildings. The ground game is the part of the campaign that make sure your supporters get to the polls. There are voters who will go to the polls come hell or high water and there are those that need a gentle reminder. Donald Trump put more resources into getting those people out to the polls that needed a gentle reminder. Instead he put that on the back of the Republican party and its infrastructure in the states. But let’s not forget he wasn’t very popular with every Republican. There is a report about a reporter who went to the headquarters of the Republican party in one state. This office was a storefront. There were no Trump signs in the window. When the reporter asked where do Trump signs were he was told they were in the back in boxes. So it’s no surprise that Hillary’s campaign has reached out to over five times more people then the Trump campaign.



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