Clinton Holds Clear Edge on Having Presidential Qualities – Gallup

Tonight on The Daily Show I was more scared than ever before on Halloween night. The show was the voted to depicting what our country would be in 2020 after 4 years of trump. This Gallup poll clearly illustrates that we need Hillary in the White House. Each one of these so-called Revelations about Hillary are nothing compared to what Donald Trump has been accused of. My God if Hillary had been accused of sexually molesting 12 people, in cahoots with the Russian government – rhaegar election, going on trial for fraud in Trump University and a foundation that only takes people’s money and bribes others with it, Hillary would already be in jail. Like Seth Meyers said tonight it’s as if during the OJ trial people focused on whether or not the white Broncos registrations are up to date. And that’s what we’ve come to with our media speculating away and not focusing on the real issues with Donald Trump and his inability to be president of the United States.



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