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Donald J Trump likes to humiliate people.

All you need to do is to look at how he treated Governor Chris Christie. Chris Christie was one of his most vehement foes during the primary period Then after dropping out he was the first one to be at the foot of Donald Trump. How could one ever forget that hostage like video of the press conference where Chris Christie still behind Donald Trump while Donald Trump spoke at Mar Largo. Rumors more than flying that Donald Trump would pick Chris Christie as his VP. Then he appointed him as his transition had. Then he finally send him and all of his allies I hope of the campaign once he had won the election.

Is this the game that he’s playing with Romney right now? Romney called him every name and through every accusation at him throughout the campaign. I am not ready to believe that Donald J Trump is going to pick Romney as his secretary of state. I may be wrong and he made do the right thing but I think that Donald Trump likes to humiliate those he feels have crossed  him.



Dinner of frog legs in chocolate cake with homemade marshmallows. Was that really what was on the menu or was that Romney’s head?