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And this is the person that the American people through the Electoral College voted as our 45th president. Remarkable. It turns out that he was tweeting all night about this. Why is he not tweeting about the fact that he’s using unsecured phone lines to call heads of state. Why is he not tweeting the fact that he is appointed to his administration people with dubious views. Ben Carson as Secretary of HUd makes absolutely no sense. He’s a brain surgeon not a urban planner. Picking that woman who believes in gay conversion therapy as the secretary of education is frightening. One can tell that Mike Pence is deep in his round picking and choosing people that will change the fabric of America forever. These are frightening times we live in and having a president who cannot keep himself away from Twitter and making outrageous tweets when he does scares the hell out of me. On January twenty he will get the POTUS Twitter account and when he makes tweets he will be doing so with the full power of the presidency.

As far as election fraud is concerned I believe he doesn’t want anyone near the ballots because they were rigged and he did not really win the election. I know I live in a Fool’s Paradise in thinking that this election can be overturned butt hope is all I have.