Where Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania Keystone Dream May Die – POLITICO Magazine

If Donald Trump loses his bid for the presidency he will have no one but Donald Trump to blame for it. Knowing his temperament he will blame everyone and their uncle. He was forced to watch his the baked performance by his staff. Can you imagine an NFL quarterback losing a game being shut out and refusing to watch the game footage? I would be trying to find out what I did wrong and would not be reluctantly watching it. I don’t think that’s Donald Trump with his level attention span will be able in the next few days to make up the ground that Hillary Clinton has had 40 years to build on. Amazingly the networks are now saying that he has to hit it out of the ballpark or his campaign is doomed. By the way I don’t know why I’m using all of these Sports metaphors since Sports is not my thing. I was once asked why I like politics so much and I told her friend it’s my sports.

What Florida Pennsylvania Virginia New Hampshire Colorado there is no path to the White House for Trump and I hope when he loses he loses with dignity and remembers how important his concession speech will be to a nation very much in need of healing.



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