We scored the town hall debate and Hillary Clinton won – Los Angeles Times

Let me preface by saying I am not a gambler. But if I were I would be playing poker with Donald Trump. Each time he was about to put out one of those outrageous lies he snorted. His demeanor during the town hall was that of a man who doesn’t understand personal space. He stood behind Hillary Clinton while she was answering questions. I must assume that he did this so that the dreaded split screen did not catch his weird grimaces. He did not apologize for what he did. I’m 62 years old and there for 8 years younger than Donald Trump. Yes I have done things I am ashamed of but you know what I don’t do them anymore. I haven’t done them in years but he seems to think that this is just merely locker-room banter. No talking about violating a woman’s body is not locker room banter. Violating a woman’s body is a crime. But as far as I’m concerned he lost the debate when he said that if he became president he would put Hillary Clinton in jail. In jail for what? Not noticing that there were tiny little Cee’s on three documents that would normally have a have a giant confidential across them? Nota de Donald Trump proved that he’s not presidential material and that he will never be presidential material. On the other hand Hillary tried very hard to put out policy and policy that had some sort of attachment to reality. Whenever Donald Trump about about what he called policy I believe that’s my policy From Another Dimension because it had no chance I’m working. It was difficult watching this debate and mostly because I felt sorry for Hillary Clinton having to be on stage with that man. What I worry most about is that when he loses the election he will not act like Mitt Romney and disappear and I worry that he will be a thorn and all of our sides for many years to come.



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