Trump Sorely Needs a Debate Win – The Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are very much aware that Donald Trump sorely needs a debate win. They don’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell them. That coupled with the fact that there is an implicit media bias that says that Clinton is an expert the better and Trump is not wood lend Credence to her being the underdog for the next the bank. I believe that Hillary left out much of the ammunition that she’s being derailed about in her first debate for this second and I think crucial debate. There are so many points that were not touched upon by Hillary regarding Trump and his statements and behavior that I believe there’s enough father 4 ammunition for her to set him off on another one of his rents. Her job in the second and third debate are to hammer into the American people psyche that he does not have the temperament to be president of the United States and most importantly commander and chief. Sunday night Donald Trump will need to have a win. The town hall format is one that he is very familiar with and will feel more more at ease then a straight one-on-one the bait. But let’s not forget that Hillary has a lot of town hall experience as well and she took the time to do the talking tour around the United States before announcing her presidency. These are all factors that will weigh in her favor in this debate. I don’t think that this debate will get the ratings that the first one did because it would not have the same impact as the first time they faced each other.

Yes, Trump Sorely Needs a Debate Win and some pundits will give it to him but I do and I believe the American people will find him to be the loser.


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