Trump now too toxic for Paul Ryan, Hill GOP – CNN 

So little so late. Paul Ryan and the GOP created the monster that we now know as Donald Trump. They’re coddling of their ideologically misguided base has brought us to this point. Just because it has a republican stamp on it it’s okay even if it’s immoral. My Lord they impeach President Clinton for having consensual sex with an unmarried woman. Here is Donald Trump bragging about forcing himself upon women and from what I understand and heard these were not women that were asking for his attention. If Donald Trump wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth he would be in jail as a sex offender. Sure now they’re all saying Donald Trump is too much for us. They’re more worried about keeping on the Senate has a Republican Bastion then what the American people have been having to deal with for the last six months since this man has been the presumptive nominee. Paul Ryan it’s too late. Mitch McConnell it’s too late. Reince priebus it’s too late. It’s too late.


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