Trump goes full Breitbart, Alt-right – POLITICO

A couple weeks ago on the cover of Time Magazine had a caricature of Donald Trump melting alike a candle with the caption meltdown. Now we need a new one that shows him cracking up and becoming more nazi-like. I think his number one error in this campaign is surrounding himself with the salt right people who have been filling his head with these conspiracy theories. And right now although he denies it I believe he is going on a scorched-earth campaign. He reminds me of President Assad of Syria who Aldo has basically destroyed the city continues to bomb Aleppo into dust. Donald Trump wants to do that to our form of government under the influence of Steve Bannon formerly of his rhetoric has turned ugly as the news media have pointed light on to him. It’s not a conspiracy that he was recorded saying those horrendous things about women. It’s not a conspiracy that he was Howard Stern saying horrible things about women. It’s not a conspiracy that he owns Antone’s beauty pageants where he ran like he was the king. It’s not a conspiracy that women in our country see this and don’t want to vote for him. The only conspiracy is a conspiracy that’s in his head and in the heads of those around him.


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