There they go again, why the media is bashing Hillary again

I got up this morning to what is good news for the Clinton campaign but is being painted as bad news. She is leading by nine points in the polls. Yet the commentators make it sound like Trump is doing better. Then they go and get extreme right-wing individuals to talk about Hillary in the most reprehensible of terms. One yahoo congressperson from Arizona said that if Hillary became president she would destroy the Constitution. He said she would appoint judges who’s rulings would tear babies limb by limb in abortions. He then went on and explained he meant little girls would be torn limb by limb. He said that women, all women America, understand what he is saying. All women in America understand that he’s trying to decide how they will deal with their own bodies. All women in America understand why the Republicans are saying what they’re saying about Hillary. All women in America understand what Trump said on that bus. All women in America understand there’s a glass ceiling. So now the media has a problem on its hands. Hillary has a sizeable lead and they have 30 days to sell commercials are there 24 hour news Cycles. Ratings are not going to be so high if the election is in the bag for one or the other. I’m sure that they were shocked by the fact the ratings for the Sunday debate were down by over 20 points from the debate  the week before. The ratings are falling for the debates not because of Hillary but because people cannot stand watching Donald Trump anymore. He no longer is entertaining, he is now frightening. And the news media needs to take their responsibilities and stop trying to manipulate the outcome of this election. I woke up this morning and all I could think about was ” there they go again”. The nbc/wall Street Journal poll that was taken since Sunday has such a small number of people that the margin of error is huge. And they’re acting like this to point change is some sort of great victory for Donald Trump and his horrendous and weird Behavior at the debate. The headline reads NBC news/wall Street Journal poll Trump gets light Boost from the bay performance that wasn’t a performance that was disgusting.


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