The Latest: Adelsons spend big in effort to defeat Clinton – The Washington Post 

Voter turnout will be the key to winning this election. All the money that people like Sheldon Adelson will throw at this campaign will be meaningless if we go out and vote on November 8th or before. This is what Citizens United has brought to our country. Billionaires with their own agenda trying to shape our country and their image. That’s not what America is all about. They are putting their finger on the scale so that the Republicans keep the Senate and win the White House. And for the record, just like the evangelicals who are saying they are going to vote for Trump despite his deplorable comments about women, Sheldon Adelson is supporting Trump even though Hillary Clinton would be the best choice for Israel which is his top priority. Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to go to IP stock where Israel and the Palestinians are viewed as Mutual by the United States. Israel wants a two-state solution. The Palestinians want one state solution with Israel gone. I don’t understand how people like Sheldon Adelson spend money on a man who you cannot trust.

I will say this again voter turnout will decide this election. Please don’t be fooled into complacency by the polls. Think about brexit. Do we really want to wake up on November 9th and say what have we done like the British did?


I wonder if he and Donald Trump share the same hair stylist if you want to call that hair styling

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