Progressives ponder the unthinkable — a postelection Supreme Court blockade – The Washington Post

If you have friends thinking of splitting their ballot so that Congress can become a check on Hillary Clinton’s presidency please tell them to beware. Instead of a check they will be setting up another blockade like we’ve seen for the last 8 years. Can you imagine the Supreme Court with just eight judges for the next 5 years. It’s on thinkable but in this climate it is a reasonable assumption. There are other judges that are looking to step down from the court including Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So now we’re talking about the third branch of government being down close to 20% of normal, when a senate seat is vacated or a congressional seat is vacated special elections are called immediately or if the state has a different rule the governor appoints someone to fill the vacancy. Yet the Supreme Court doesn’t have that luxury. So comma go out and vote even if you think that you live in a state that won’t matter. Because down ballot does matter.


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