Amid questions of Gary Johnson’s interest in details, Libertarian VP nominee viewed as losing faith – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I have three points to make about the story. First this is not the only report that Governor Weld is dissatisfied with the head of ticket. He has threatened to jump ship from Gary Johnson about 10 days ago. Second he has done everything but endorse Hillary Clinton in his interviews whether they be joined with Gary Johnson or alone. This has had an effect on Gary Johnson’s ability to get people to say they’re supporting him in the polls. His numbers have been plummeting. I believe that these voters are going to Hillary Clinton. The story talks about Gary Johnson one claim to fame. He was the governor of New Mexico. If you read the story you’ll see that his stint as governor of New Mexico was filled with Aleppo moments. Gary Johnson is a nice man but he’s certainly not ready for prime time and I don’t think he will ever be. I applaud his Civic mentality but I believe he has reached way too high for his abilities. Governor Weld has said that for the rest of the campaign he will be attacking Donald Trump relentlessly and no longer looking for votes for the libertarian ticket.

The article is from a Pennsylvania newspaper and that is one of the states that Donald Trump desperately needs. This will help him not reach that goal.


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