Why Hillary Clinton’s perceived corruption seems to echo louder than Donald Trump’s actual corruption – The Washington Post

Please read the headline carefully. It says Hillary Clinton’s perceived vs Donald Trump’s actual corruption. Perception is something the media is doing it’s best to put a bad light on Hillary.

Donald Trump is basically a crook. And yet the media has attack Hillary Clinton mercilessly over a charitable Foundation that does work in Africa and helps people with AIDS. The Donald Trump foundation on the other hand gives political contributions to Pam Bondi so that she would look the other way on Donald Trump University. And yet all we hear about is the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Family Foundation is a charity. It is a charity that does good. The Donald Trump Foundation is an arm of his business Holdings. It donates money so that it will get favors from politicians and other businessmen. He is corrupt to the hilt and yet he has the audacity to call Hillary Clinton crooked. If we want to talk about media bias then let’s talk about the bias against the clintons and for. Donald Trump. He gets huge coverage for all of his speeches and the multiple mistakes in them are glanced over by the media that seems to be in love with the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. They will have to stand in line with the Russians and the Chinese that are also in love with the thought of a Donald Trump presidency.



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