Trump’s pay-for-play scandal intensifies – POLITICO

It’s funny how they have painted what has happened with the Clinton Foundation as a scandal. There was no pay for play when Secretary of State Clinton Interactive with the foundation. When President Clinton went to North Korea 2 get those too hostages home he wanted to take one of his aides with him, he applied for a Visa for that age and his wife’s State Department denied it. Now let’s talk about Donald Trump and Pam Bondi the dynamic duo of pay for play. Pam Bondi announced that she was going to join with other attorney generals across the country to investigate Trump University. Two weeks later she gets a $25,000 check from the Trump Foundation and announces that she no longer is going to be pursuing Trump University’s legally. After that Trump throws a lavish Gala for her at Mar-A-Lago. That’s the definition of pay for play. Corruption at its finest and Donald Trump has been honest about telling us over and over again how he paid politicians so they would do his bidding. Now we have proof that he was not lying.


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