Trump’s bad week is a ‘nightmare’ for the GOP – The Washington Post 

I truly love my country. Maybe because I was moved to another country when I was young and learned what living somewhere else is like. Look I moved from Houston Texas to Paris France. I guess some would think that would be an upgrade. But it wasn’t. And yes I was seven and a half and then speak the language but kids are resilient and I was top in my class with him seven months of getting there. If I didn’t have my cousins I would have had and even more solitary experience because I never made a single friend in school in France because I was an American. I say all this because I want to believe that Republicans who are continuously defending this misogynist candidate also love their country as much as I do. I think it’s time for them to start acting like it. I am so sorry that Donald Trump is making the Republican Party uncomfortable. The Republican party has been making me uncomfortable for most of my life. Growing up Jewish when it wasn’t even talked about. Then being gay when all I heard was that we were horrible people. And if you think that’s a thing of the past look at the Vice Presidential nominee in the Republican party’s record and you’ll understand why guys are still boycotting Indiana. I am so sorry that the Republican party is uncomfortable with their candidate but I also think they deserve it and him because they created this monster. They let the Tea Party become a vehicle 4 racism in America. I think they hated the thought of a post-racial America because it meant that they no longer had the top of the flagpole to sit on. I’m sorry that the Republicans are uncomfortable with their candidate and they think it’s a nightmare but they deserve every minute of it.


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