Trump Commits to Debates as He, Clinton Promise More Access on Campaign – Bloomberg Politics

Labor Day is the traditional start of the presidential campaign. And this Labor Day did not disappoint. Hillary Clinton the beautiful beautiful plane has her new campaign plan for the next two months. Donald Trump has agreed to the debates. I believe that this will be pivotal in the outcome of the election. Donald Trump was on a stage with 10 people when he was debating during the primaries. He could disappear for 15 minutes at a time while the others were bickering. One on one is going to be difficult for Donald Trump and his lack of focus and grasp of the issues. The debates going to be interesting but it’s important to realize that debates don’t usually have much outcome on the election results. The only way debates have an outcome is when one of the candidates screwed up royally or seems disingenuous.


Donald Trump appearing during the primary debates. He was explaining that his hands were large and that everything else was good, believe it.

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