Trump brags about using ‘other people’s money’ amid questions over charity use – CNN 

He is going to brag himself all the way into jail,  or at least a very hefty fine. Today the Washington Post reported that he spent $250,000 of his foundation’s money, no other people’s money, to pay off settlements in court cases brought against Trump businesses. Make it simple, it’s like you are ordered to do community service and instead you have someone else do it for you. He was ordered by the court to pay settlements in the Form of a donation to charity which is a really great way paying off settlements since it makes you look good to the community. But instead of using his own money he went and fraudulently had his foundation write checks. Remember he has not given a single penny to his foundation is 2008. Each time NBC or MSNBC talks about the Trump Foundation they have to disclose that they gave the foundation a half million dollars 3 years ago.

Trump is nothing but a low-level con man.


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