There were five phantom donations in the files of Donald Trump’s foundation – The Washington Post

Donald Trump runs his foundation like a slush fund. He has not given a single dime to the foundation since 2008 but collected money from other people. He has given improper donations to political figures like Pam Bondi for their looking the other way on criminal matters that he was involved in, in other words pay for play. He has charged to the foundation over $40,000 for items that were purchased for Donald Trump.  From the article:

It appears to have bought items for Trump — including a $12,000 football helmet and a $20,000 portrait of Trump — despite IRS rules against “self-dealing” by charity leaders.

This article finds $141,000 in reported donations that were never received. The Washington Post contacted the charities listed and they all have said that they have not received any funds. Where did this money go? So in brief we have two specific pay for play contributions from the foundation to politicians and we have missing donations. If I were a contributor to the Donald Trump Foundation I would be asking questions right now. But I have a feeling this is all been for the most part done with a wink.

The Clinton Foundation saves lives. The Trump Foundation gives out bribes.


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